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User Research Case Studies

A selection of case studies that involved significant research work

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Allstate Silicon Valley Innovation Team

My work from my time as a hybrid designer-researcher at a Fortune 100 innovation lab is unfortunately the most NDA-protected, so I'm not able to share my case studies thoroughly here. I can say, though, that our methods included significant range and depth of qualitative and quantitative techniques, including focus groups, in-person and remote need-finding interviews and usability testing, on-site observations/day-in-the-life studies, secondary research, mass surveys and analysis, and A/B testing.

I probably learned the most about research during my time than at any other point in my career, thanks to the broad and diverse scope of project-based work, my inspiring teammates and my brilliant data-driven, logic-grounded manager, Chienlan Hsu Hoffman.


Cohabit: Roommate Management

I led several weeks of research efforts consisting of surveys and interviews, including intercepts at cafés and local university campuses.


Comfort Kitchen: Affordable, Sustainable Meals

With a team of two other strategists, I prototyped the service solution we designed and led interviews at a local public transit hub, using our results to inform our implementation plan. 

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Amoeba Music: Subscription Business/Marketing Plan

With a team of two other strategists, I conducted several rounds of interviews, including longer in-depth interviews about music listening/purchasing habits and in-store intercept interviews to learn about existing customers.


ull Case Study coming soon.



Spark: Attracting New Members

With one designer teammate, I conducted interviews with existing members and surveys to existing and prospective members to understand what draws people to join this organization and inform a website redesign.